Our Staff

Executive Director

Acting Director Vonita Francisco

New Director to be announced

 Program/Activities Coordinator

Jennifer Smith has been with us since November of last year. She will be helping with the planning of trips throughout the year, as well as new upcoming activities.


Office manager

Sarita Mobley has been with us since October of last year. Her experience with clerical work has been more than helpful here at the center. Her expertise has helped out greatly with setting up & renting rooms for our big events.


Administrative Assistant

Maria Ayscue has been an active , dedicated volunteer here at the center since September of last year. She is a full time student who puts her tech skills to use here at our center.


Kitchen Manager

Mitch Allen has been our cook/kitchen manager for the last six months. His hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.


Board of Directors


President - Dennis Plourde- Pastor - First Baptist Church
Vice President - Dr. Pat Chandler - Retired Educator
Secretary - Vonita Francisco
Treasurer - Maria Quinteiro

Board Members

Mary Brown

Dave Heppner -  Heppner Ins.

Arlene Davin

Gary Falls              

Maria Ellis